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Hi, I'm Christina 👩‍💻

Former NBC Finance Exec  ➡️  UX/UI Designer

I'm a UX/UI Designer, currently based in Costa Mesa, CA. I specialize in designing user-centric websites, apps, journals and workbooks that effortlessly meld aesthetics with functionality.  I'm great at balancing details with the big picture and I thrive when my environment fosters autonomy and creativity 👩‍🎨

I also run a local arts and crafts meetup group where I teach beginners how to tap into their creative side.


Image by Raphael Rychetsky

Coming Soon: USDA Digital Product Modernization 

A project aimed to revolutionize and enhance the US Department of Agriculture's digital product offerings.

A team of five designers from around the world joined together for a virtual five day sprint to design a solution aimed at reducing food waste.


I set out to develop an app that would help those who want to exercise more, but who - for various reasons - don’t get around to it. 

Throughout my tenure with NBC's finance division, I have designed and developed reporting and tools that have directly contributed to increased efficiency, precision, and overall usability.


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