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Finance & UX

Throughout my tenure with NBC finance, I have designed and developed reports and tools that have directly contributed to increased efficiency, precision, and overall usability.

Space Allocation Report Redesign

  • Finance

  • Space planning

  • Finance leadership

  • Operational leadership


NBCUniversal's finance team needed an accurate way to allocate internal office space rent to various business units within the company.  This was important because it enabled various leadership teams throughout the company to make informed decisions around acquiring new office space for their business units.


Prior to this initiative, the finance team lacked an efficient method to analyze data from the space planning team.


The goal was to identify changing spaces, associated costs, and provide explanations to leadership regarding year-over-year cost fluctuations.


This project had two primary objectives: first, enhancing communication for the finance team and leadership about significant office space changes impacting the yearly budget. For instance, if a business unit's expansion required more office space, their allocated costs would rise accordingly. The tool needed to clarify and detail these increases.

Secondly, the tool was required to swiftly sort and analyze data, facilitating collaboration between finance and the space planning team to rectify data disparities. This step was crucial to verify changes flagged by the tool, ensuring validation from the space planning team regarding space adjustments.


In the process of redesigning the tool, I initially delved into understanding the charging process by examining blueprints to grasp how space allocation worked.


Next, I organized and lead meetings to foster collaboration between the finance and space planning teams.


Following this, I developed a file, refining it through iterations until it reached a presentation-ready state for the leadership team. This approach ensured a comprehensive transformation of the tool's functionality.


Consequently, due to this redesign, the finance team could seamlessly input data into the Excel spreadsheet and effortlessly refresh pivot tables for real-time updates. Given the dynamic nature of the data, this capability was crucial.

Moreover, this overhaul facilitated improved communication between finance and space planning, enabling precise identification of spaces undergoing expansion or reduction.

Ultimately, finance could efficiently summarize and relay significant budget shifts by business unit to executive leadership.

Space Planning Allocation Report

Construction Cash Flow Report

  • Finance

  • Construction project managers

  • Finance & operational leadership


At NBCUniversal, precise reporting of construction budgets is imperative, with a strong emphasis on accurately tracking the timing of cash flow related to construction projects as this impacts their ability on when to make large financial decisions.

Financial Reports

Project managers face challenges due to the complex nature of construction costs and time constraints.


They must ensure project accuracy while also managing financial aspects to project cash flow projection.


I conceptualized a tool designed to streamline the reporting of cash flow from project managers to finance and leadership. This initiative aimed to simplify and expedite the process for improved financial oversight.


I worked with the project management team to develop a tool that the project manager could use on a daily basis.

This iterative process allowed me to understand the intricacies they had to deal with when it came to acquiring purchase orders and relying on contractors to provide accurate timing and pricing.


They would enter the total cost by vendor as well as the expected percentage of work to be completed by month which, with the use of formulas I built, would automatically calculate the total cash flow by month and quarter.


The construction cash flow report provided project managers with enhanced clarity regarding the ongoing project budget and cash flow timing – a level of insight they hadn't previously achieved.


With the tool's assistance, they could confidently and precisely relay this information to both the finance team and senior leadership.


This newfound control over budgets empowered them to swiftly identify potential risks or opportunities in budget and cash flow timing, effectively collaborating with the finance team.

Construction Cash Flow
Report Snapshot
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